about us

Columbus is an intentionally designed town with planned diversity in mind. It is often referred to as the Athens of the prairie with buildings designed by world renowned architects. It is an unexpected, unforgettable town. The town is welcoming in many ways to diverse population groups. One aspect of diversity is faith. We are embarking on creating a unique inter faith campus that brings together different faiths to interact as a combined entity. this helps promote diversity, trust and acceptance of each other, trust and acceptance in the community, and learning from one another. We will honor our need to be separate but at the same time be inter-dependent. The Hindu community is growing. It is however small in comparison to other large cities. We will explore opportunities for shared spaces in this inter faith campus including parking, library, fellowship hall, class rooms and others. Our goal is to have multiple practicing faiths in this campus.

Our Mission

To establish and sustain a Hindu temple that is a sanctuary for self-discovery, spiritual renewal and worship, education of our children and ourselves, and to celebrate life and richness of our culture.

Our Vision

Contribute to growth and betterment of the community by promoting understanding and practice of Hindu faith, culture, and values.

Columbus provides a great environment for raising a family. As a Hindu community we have been practicing our faith for the last twenty years in Columbus in small temporary locations. Columbus is a small town and close to other big cities. It is still far away to travel on a weekly basis to a place of worship in Indianapolis or Louisville. The Hindu community in Columbus has grown to over 500 families and is now large enough for a dedicated place of worship. This temple will act as a sanctuary for self-discovery, spiritual renewal and learning. We will use this place to help our children learn the Hindu faith and learn music, dance and vernacular languages. It will be an ideal location for our visiting family. This will also serve as venue for the community to understand and get exposed to Hindu faith, culture and values.

Board of Trustees

Prasad Kondapi – President
Algy Ramasamy – Vice President
Rajkumar Subramanian – Secretary
Srikanth Padmanabhan
Vijaygopal Subramanian
Anuja Mazgaonkar
Dr. Nandu Gourineni
Dr. Vasundhara Voleti
Suddhatatva Kar
Vasu Iyer
Aditya Bhagawat (CGM)
Nishigandha Badve (HSS)