What is Pratisthapana?

A temple is home of the Divine that is meant for the collective spiritual benefit and upliftment. The omnipotence of the supreme is manifested into the Idols by Mantra Sakti at the time of consecration (Pratisthapana) through a precise process ordained by the scriptures called Agamas, thereby making the Idols into Deities.

The divine power of the main Deities is invited by the priests, following procedures of Agama, into holy water (Mantra Jalam) collected in Kalashas (Pots). From Aug 24 to Aug 27, the Kalashas are relocated to Temple’s Yagashala, where offerings are made into the holy fire. Daily worship, rites and other spiritual ceremonies are undertaken. Until the final stages of Maha Kumbhabhishekam, the Deities are workshipped in the Kalashas. Special pujas will be performed in the Yagashala for four times. The new idols will be kept in Water (Jala vasa), Grains (Dhaanya vasa) and Flowers (Pushpa vasa) before installation in their respective Mandapams. Upon completion of three days of pujas, the divine power in the Kalashas are trasferred back to the Idols and Prana Pratisthapana is done by various steps including transferring the power through copper/silver/tharpa threads and then by pouring the Mantra Jalam which is preserved in the Kalashas, while chanting elaborate mantras.